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This means that you can now search and filter by alias. Lots of people have asked me for this so thanks for the great suggestion, guys. Thanks for the suggestion Moshe. Thanks Tim Gummer. Thanks Chris Ruppel rupl.

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    • Redirect to URL,,,. Assign the Description and Terms and check the Replace existing terms checkbox. In order to alphabetize Easy and Medium before Hard we would need to add an extra space after the arrow in the description.

      A unique description for this advanced action. This description vnll be displayed in the interface of modules that integrate with actionsr such as Trigger module.

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      Check this box to replace existing terms with selected ones. Leave unchecked to add the newterms. Repeat Step 4 for each term you wish to bulk-assign. This is a simple sorting method, but it works. Especially since the double spaces will not display in the final form. I An especially important button in this recipe will be the Save and Edit button at the bottom of the page. This button resolves a Views quirk that sometimes hides the delete filter icons even after their exposed filters have been deleted. This behavior tends to occur when cloning a view or adding a default view.

      This behavior is expected because we cannot remove a filter that has already been exposed.