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They are just intellectually lazy, procensorship, violent, cowards, sneaky and dangerous. They break the law and should face the consequences. But they are a good excuse for the militarization of police and go along the governments to encourage all encompassing laws to criminalize opinion.

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In France, their violence was used as a pretext to use police violence against the gilets jaunes. Double negatives intended. The Alt Right emerged as the first real threat to Cultural Marxism. We were blowing apart the lies that keep their religion intact and growing. Antifa emerged to protect the status quo.

If people started to learn about the depravity of homosexuality and the delusion of gender fluidity all heck would break loose. If they understood race realism, policies would change and billions would be lost in diversity funding. If they realized, finally, that men are different than women, we would need to change everything. If they learned who was orchestrating social changes and the extent to which they are doing it because they despise white people and western civilization, civil war would commence.

So yes, Antifa is illiberal and they use coercive means to defend the Progressive monster. That they would ever become self-critical is too much to hope for. But I am very much looking forward to the court cases where Andy sues them into penury. They will have to go cap in hand to Soros for big payments. Furthermore, who would he sue? Antifa, is a loose group and probably has not definable assets. Even if they find 1 person, these type of Lefties have no assets to take.

JWatts, If by chance he cannot sue antifa themselves for reasons you listed, I would hope that he goes after the city of Portland as well as the police department for not doing their job. When these enablers get a look at how their inaction could cost them, and thereby threaten their political existence, they may actually grow a pair and start cracking down on these thugs. I hope Ngo does not let this opportunity pass. I think his attorneys may simply collect the list of news organizations who were defamatory toward him and sue ala the school students a few months ago.

RICO legislation to address this type of issue. The high profile RICO trials against the mob exposed racketeering influence deep into several industries trucking, air freight, construction, unions, taxi and limo, funeral parlors, brokerage houses. I am not a lawyer or any kind of constitutional expert, however, am I wrong in thinking the Andy Ngo case is one with bearing on federal civil rights law? To compare Antifa to Nazi fighters is repulsive. Antifa is composed of criminal cowards. They don masks and hoods to hide their identities like lacking the courage of their convictions like their Klansman brethren.

They break windows and vandalize cars. They push and beat the elderly.

Honouring the Truth, Reconciling for the Future

They eschew dialog and debate because they have nothing constructive to say or propose. They are spoiled brats with nothing to offer. A frustration which they take out in violent destructive tantrums.

They color themselves as hip and edgy when they are just purely pitiful. They are the Klan, the Brown Shirts and any other unintelligent uninformed group who who produce violence and destruction while fearing recognition and accountability. Anyone who lionizes these delinquents is either morally bankrupt or one of their ilk.

Contempt is too good for them.

Highlights from the Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples

Other than that your assessment is dead on. We need to declare it for what it was. Once he hits puberty, he might have some potential. Bottom left clearly spends too much time in the tanning bed to be a contender. DBC — That was my thought too. Yeah especially if it was a legit segregated prison like the California prison system.

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This is Oregon though so Id imagine their prisons arent so intense. Most of them will grow out of it by The truly sad ones are the few 40 and 50 year old ones in the bunch. At least the 19 year old ones have the excuse that the pre frobtal cortex doesnt fully develop until Of course a fascist website would promote this nonsense.

ANTIFA will keep on and more fascist enablers will get punched get our of here with that brain hemorrhage baloney. The little drama queen got punched. Quite pushing propaganda. It you organize for fascism this is what happens. Love that. Use verbs! No wonder they prefer to use fists when the numbers are in their favor. Words are not their friends. Jared, Jared. I know you think this is effective; you post crazy unhinged leftist blather to harden support for your father in law.

But please. This is way too early. The election is a year and a half away. The worse thing about Quillette is its pretense.

Roy Evans talks about Liverpool FC godfather Bill Shankly

Just be honest, you like when white supremacists shoot up black churches but get upset when your mentally challenged videographer gets punched for supporting white supremacist terror groups. You people are disgusting. Any time a white person kills anyone in America it is international news.

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You really have to dig to find the stories and statistics illuminating the white slaughter by immigrants and blacks. Meanwhile, outside of the fever swamp of your imagination here are news flashes from my home State. Can you see your own rhetoric in your statements, or the hypocrisy in your own pro-antifa views? Unlike a majority of citizens, antifa has a slash and burn mentality and cannot seem to distinguish the difference between challenging radical right members, and people who have nothing to do with those groups.

Antifa is so rabid with hatred, they must exercise that rage against anyone they come across.

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It is just as dangerous as the radical right they claim to counter. Antifa is the mirror image of what they claim to fight against. Frankly, antifa behaves like teenagers hopped up on 5hr energy drinks and too much weed. What would they say if they knew they attacked innocent people? Would it be considered collateral damage in some naive rationalization to reinforce their own self-righteousness?

Just like all the liberal. To even believe that anyone beyond the. For some reason they believe there are more of them than there really are, of which gives antifa their own personal license to do violence. There will be no victories because they have no goals, except to be a mosh pit of anger and rage and when that finally gets old there will be fewer people. Of course they are concerned about one of their own workers being assaulted by a bunch of left wing fascists. The Christchurch shooter in NZ, explicitly stated that he wanted to get PewDiePie and Candace Owen censored or banned, because he saw American Conservatism as a roadblock to the formation of a white ethnostate.

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By branding people with fairly mainstream conservative views as fascists, Antifa is going a long way to accomplishing his goals. Best estimates put the total number of white supremacists in the US at around 11, Antifa are just a bunch a hooligans who get off on inflicting violence on people they hate. Is it any less unreasonable to beat someone up for their political beliefs, as the colour of the football soccer shirt they wear? Oh please! When paramilitaries are operating the corpses are stacked like cordwood. Right they all look like media created social loudmouths.

My guess is that if Trump is installed in office again that these goons will get more aggressive. Quillette is trying to rile up average jerks like you to enage in violence against Antifa. Claire Lehmann want the armchair racists like yourself to join hate groups like Atomwaffen Division to engage in the exact violence you discuss.

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Antifa will stop you, though. These heroes prevent the exact bloodshed that you write about and desire. Quillette is filed with many kinds if people. You got white supremacists, white nationalists, and phrenologists. You got birthers and other whack jobs.