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Every Monday, we might look back at last week; look ahead to this week; share a few thoughts our own or others ; or discuss anything that catches our eye. At […].

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Morocco-based payments firm HPS Worldwide is setting its sights on growth through the use of APIs and extensive collaboration with start-ups. At its PowerCARD Users Meeting , held April, in the lively city of Marrakesh — about people from over 50 countries listened to presentations from the company and its partners. The message […]. As the payments industry adjusts to the gradual demise of interchange fees, banks will face declining profits.

That means data will have to be used more effectively to squeeze out the remaining opportunities. But it also means they face a dilemma between building their own services and outsourcing. As the global payments industry transforms itself to take advantage of new technologies, some services offer the prospect of real change, but others are simply hype.

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Telling the difference will be the key to success in the next five years …. More prosaically, bankers remain divided over how best to respond to demand for Sharia-compliant banking. Do banks still need branches, or does the smartphone make a physical presence obsolete?

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Moroccan investment bank Casablanca Finance Group has installed a new banking system from Swiss technology company Avaloq, as the Moroccan financial services industry spreads its wings across Africa. LendIt Fintech Europe digital identity — a nut that remains to be cracked dlvr.

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Discover how new technologies are improving bank efficiency fintechfutures. Technology is changing European banks, but how?

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True diversity or tokenism dlvr. How much are aging legacy systems and applications hampering your ability to deliver innovative products and servic… twitter.

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Danish fintechs NordicAPI and pleo partner to accelerate access to bank data dlvr. The Monday mindset: 10 April Fintech zeitgeist! At […] 10th April The message […] 10th April Banks face payments factory dilemma or disintermediation As the payments industry adjusts to the gradual demise of interchange fees, banks will face declining profits.

Payments revolution? Minhas, the then superintendent of police Enforcement , who was transferred soon after he directed the police to register timber smuggling cases against Mast Ram Tanta and others India Today. February According to the high court's letter, in October Ram Lal: awkward issues Timber Transported: In his directive dated October 18, , to the Dhalli police station, Minhas pointed out that Chandu Ram allowed a truck, HPS , to pass check-post Dhalli after proper checking and verification though the truck was carrying 35 scams of timber without any export hammer mark or personal property mark and 75 CFT of timber market value Rs 1 lakh was being transported in the truck without any proper export permit.

Though the case was registered against Padam Singh, both under IFA and IPC, the charge-sheet prepared by the local police in the trial court of the munsiff magistrate was inexplicably, filed only under IFA which empowers the magistrate to compound the case by imposing a maximum penalty of Rs - which was actually done in this case. And the forest guard Chandu Ram was not even included as co-accused in the case as directed by Minhas. The high court has objected to the manner in which this case was handled by the state prosecutors. Says the letter: "The assistant public prosecutor whose name is Rameshwar Singh Negi made efforts to have the matter decided in an unholy haste without urging all the material facts before the trial magistrate.

The investigating officer as well as the assistant public prosecutor for reasons best known to them omitted the name of Chandu Ram, forest guard as co-accused in the case despite the fact that he was named in the rukka report signed by Minhas and the police had evidence about his complicity in the commission of an unlawful transportation of timber. Embarrassment Averted: State police officials are not talking but the high court has hinted that "this was done evidently under pressure from higher echelons of the Government so as to prevent the guard from divulging other secrets known by him".

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According to police sources, if Chandu Ram was also charged along with Padam Singh then criminal proceedings against both of them would have had to be launched - and that would have hit the headlines. Therefore, the police handled the case as a 'sensitive' one. Concluded the high court communication: "It appears that everyone concerned in the investigation and prosecution of the case tried to ensure that the matter was hushed up with a nominal sentence or fine.