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A plant extract, it's been used to treat gout for 2, years, says Reveille. Colchicine works within several minutes to several hours to block gout inflammation.

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The sooner you start it, the more likely the attack will resolve quickly. An injected steroid also tackles inflammation, usually controlling pain and swelling within 24 hours. Prescription drugs such as allopurinol Lopurin, Zyloprim , febuxostat Uloric and probenecid Benemid all alleviate gout by controlling blood levels of uric acid. Also, two years ago the FDA approved an intravenous drug for people with advanced gout — pegloticase Krystexxa — that lowers uric acid levels and reduces deposits of uric acid crystals in the joints and soft tissue.

Most people who have gout will need to be on a uric-acid-lowering drug for life, usually just one or two pills a day, says George Washington University's Baraf. Truth: Lifestyle changes can reduce both the severity and frequency of attacks. For starters, when people lose weight , they often have fewer attacks, says Reveille.

Animal proteins have a higher level of purines, so it's better to eat vegetable proteins like beans and peas.

10 Questions About Managing Gout

In fact, a review in the rheumatology journal Current Opinion in Rheumatology notes that protein-rich foods such as dairy products, nuts, beans, peas and whole grains are healthy choices for people with gout, reducing the risk of heart disease and possibly lowering the risk of insulin resistance. Baraf says that he asks patients to abstain from alcohol during the first six months of treatment, until medications have stabilized uric acid levels.

After that, he says, it's fine to drink — in moderation. Dorothy Foltz-Gray is a freelance writer who lives in North Carolina.

Safe Foods for Gout

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  6. Photo by Corbis Gout is not a gender-specific disease. You might have gout. Photo by Corbis Gout can be life threatening if left untreated.

    Gout and diet — Arthritis Australia

    Photo by Getty Images There are prescription drugs that can treat gout. Photo by Getty Images Changing your diet can help reduce the frequency of gout attacks.

    Common tests & procedures

    Please leave your comment below. AARP Membership. See All. What stress management techniques work for gout? Try relaxation techniques, such as meditation and deep breathing. A little bit of stress relief can go a long way. If you develop new symptoms when exercising, let him or her know about them. More research needs to be done on the effectiveness of these supplements for gout.

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    7. Gout is an incredibly painful condition, but making these healthy lifestyle changes may help prevent gout attacks. Take your time, and see which changes work best for you. Join the patient community. Sign-up now!

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      Print Discuss Tweet. How to Live With Gout. By Floranne C. Ernste, MD and Julie M. Sources Gout.