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Pondering the question gives you a moment to gather yourself and your thoughts. If it is a question you have never given any thought to, this is important. Also if it is a question you have gone over in your head many times, pausing and collecting yourself before responding can help your answer seem unrehearsed.

Here are two of the most unique questions that I have ever heard being asked at an interview. I mention them not because I think they will ever be asked again, but to give you an idea of how off the wall an interview question can be. If you have any questions you have been asked, and would like to add them to this list, please e-mail them to cfs firerecruit. I was recently, hired by the Rancho Cucamonga Fire Protection District in California, and love every second that I spend at the station. It was a hard road to get there, however, it is very rewarding and worth every step taken.

I encourage every person seeking a career in the fire service to keep working towards your goal and never give up, no matter what comes your way. You will not regret it. Thank you again, Fire Careers! Hi Perfect FF,.

How to Pass the Police Oral Board Interview

The experience from Wilton no doubt had a tremendous impact on my obtaining the current job. I am also on the list for several other departments that I learned about from you as well. I am loving every minute of it and I still have my membership with Fire Careers. I am always looking for more opportunities and your service keeps me enlightened on all the opportunities out there. So I recommend you and your service to any one and every one who is pursuing a Fire Fighting career! Just wanted to thank you for your instrumental part in helping me obtain my career in the fire service.

I have finally found a home, and what an outstanding one at that. Thanks again!

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After subscribing, I never missed a test again. My dream of becoming a firefighter has come true. So when people ask me for advice, I tell them to keep pursuing their dream by doing whatever it takes. It has been a great tool in my success. I was a member of Firecareers for about 6 years as I pursued a career as a firefighter.

Police Officer - Recruit

From the updates of departments testing to the bulletin board I used every bit of information I could to help in my pursuit. I have talked to many people aspiring to become firefighters and given them this website to go to. It is great to finally fulfill my dream. I must thank you for your service. I finally was able to make a step up. I was previously working for a small fire department in North Idaho that was not meeting my needs for opportunities in advancement and organization. I wanted something bigger.

By using your service I was able to see daily the departments that were testing and I could evaluate the department with the information your service provided and see if that department meet my needs. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

Police Oral Board Interview Scenario Questions

I just wanted to thank you for your part in helping me obtain a career in the fire service. It might be too soon to say but as of right now my dreams are coming true and all my hard work paid off. To all of you out there, still looking keep it up, it gets easier. I am writing to say thanks for your service. The information you provided helped me become a serious competitor in this job market. Thanks to you, I was able to aggressively pursue job opportunities, continuously improving my testing and interview skills.

Master Police Oral Board Interview With These Tips, Questions & Scenarios

After years of schooling, volunteering and training, preparation met opportunity with the Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District. Thanks again for providing motivated candidates with testing opportunities. In this job market, advantages are taken, not handed out. I would just like to submit my gratitude for your wonderful service. I am testing with L.

I have never come across a more informative service than that of what you provide all aspiring Fireman and Firewomen. I would not be submitting this testimonial without you guys.

Types of Interview Questions:

Again thank you Perfect Firefighter Candidate. I have been a subscriber to your service for five years and have applied for countless positions as both a firefighter and fire prevention officer. The timely manner in which your service has posted positions has proven to be extremely valuable. In the first couple of years into my membership, I applied and was picked up for two reserve firefighter positions in Orange County CA; subsequently, I gained valuable experience, which guided my career path.

The pursuit to become a firefighter is an extremely competitive field; after a couple of knee surgeries, I realized the pursuit for my passion to respond in "Big Red" was unrealistic. I put my Plan "B" on the front burner, began taking Prevention Officer classes and anxiously waited for Fire Prevention positions. As you know, the market for prevention positions are scarcer than firefighter; I interviewed as far north as Redding and Chula Vista to the south.

I had two years prevention intern experience with two other departments in Orange County and in December of , the market flooded with positions. It was finally my turn to get the Chief's Oral Interview! What happened next only happened to the other lucky guy; I was offered positions with two different departments. A dilemma I never imagined I'd have to decide!

In February I got "the call" from West Covina Fire Department, the voice on the other end paused, then said, "Are you still interested in the position? One of the standard questions in every oral panel was, "What are your career goals? He is knowledgeable in all areas, easy going, willing to guide me, sends me to classes and allows me to respond to suspicious fires. After being a willing intern, without pay, for two years to gain experience, I thank God every morning on my drive in, that I am one of the chosen few who is fortunate to have a career doing what I love.

Thank you, Perfect Firefighter Candidate, for being instrumental in achieving my dream. I don't get to ride the engine, however, the fire department, in appreciation for their successful apprehension of vandals to a HUMMER dealership, received a H-2 that I drive. I had been using your service for the past 3 years. There is no other way of finding out all the departments that are testing without your service. I want to encourage other candidates to continue on and with hard work you will succeed.

Thanks to the Perfect Firefighter Candidate site a. I gladly accepted it, as I have only gone through EMT training, and have only nine units of Fire Technology through college. This gives me the opportunity to get my Firefighter 1 certification, without having to spend thousands on a college program, but most of all… it gives me the hands-on experience, which in my opinion is far superior to classroom training!

Thanks again PFC! Thanks for providing such a terrific and necessary service for aspiring firefighter. With your help I was able to take many tests and was hires with a really good department in L. I have truly achieved the best job in the world and I owe a lot to your up to date job opportunities. I want to motivate everyone to keep on testing and to keep their heads up. The solution is to check Perfect Fire Candidate everyday and take as many tests as possible. You will learn something new every test and interview you have that will make you that much more prepared for the next one!

You will find invaluable information there from the firefighters doing the actual hiring. This is the best job in the world. I wish you the best in your journey to achieve it! I want to thank the PFC Staff for providing such a great service and helping me reach my goal as firefighter. I wanted to thank you for helping me achieve my dream with your service and timely information I received through your company during my testing process.

Your service has proved to be very valuable, and I always recommend it to people asking how to start their career.