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Denali Mount McKinley. Humphreys Peak. Magazine Mountain Signal Hill. Mount Whitney. Mount Elbert.

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Mount Frissell-South Slope. Ebright Azimuth.

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Britton Hill. Brasstown Bald. Mauna Kea Pu'u Wekiu. Borah Peak. Charles Mound. Hoosier High Point. Hawkeye Point. Mount Sunflower. Black Mountain. Driskill Mountain. Mount Katahdin Baxter Peak. Backbone Mountain Hoye Crest. Mount Greylock. Mount Arvon. Eagle Mountain. Woodall Mountain. Taum Sauk Mountain. Granite Peak. Panorama Point. Boundary Peak. New Hampshire. Mount Washington. New Jersey.

High Point. New Mexico.

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Wheeler Peak. New York.

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Mount Marcy. North Carolina. Mount Mitchell. North Dakota. That gave me nine years to finish them. Once it officially began I wasted no time in planning one or two trips a year, and worked diligently on crossing peaks off the list. Along the way, there were family trips by recreational vehicle, climbs with friends and solo trips. Every time I traveled for work or pleasure I would at least consider whether it was practical to knock off a highpoint or two.

There are five highpoints that are generally considered the most difficult. Part of what makes them so difficult is the long hike through the wilderness to access them before the climb. The Granite climb amounts to a mile round trip. Gannett is more than 40 miles, but is considered one of the most visually spectacular. The other three difficult climbs are mounts Hood in Oregon 11, feet , Rainier in Washington 14, feet and Denali formerly McKinley in Alaska 20, feet.

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The only peak I had to climb twice was Rainier. We were 1, feet from the top when a nasty storm developed. We were pinned in our tents for a full day, seeing lighting striking around us and rocks falling. Finally the weather lifted just enough to allow a descent. I returned the next year and, in good weather, was able to make it to the top. By the time arrived, I had only one hard peak left — Denali. The highest point in North America, Denali is one of the so-called Seven Summits, the tallest mountains in each of the seven continents.

Denali is known to have some of the nastiest weather of any peak in the world, with extreme wind and bitter cold. Snow can accumulate rapidly during a storm.

It is also heavily crevassed. Almost all travel must be done in rope teams for safety, with the ability to rescue fallen climbers if needed. Also, unlike at Mount Everest, there are no Sherpas to carry gear. Each climber must make the climb carrying a pound backpack and dragging a sled with another pounds of gear. Altitude sickness, too, can present serious issues. The additional problem for me was taking three weeks away from my job and family.

I went with American Alpine Institute because it is the most-selective company in terms of who it allows to join its teams. I think this selectivity has allowed it the highest success rate of any of the outfitters that climb Denali. In the end, the climb was incredibly difficult but rewarding. I felt so bad for the folks who did not make the summit because of altitude sickness, frostbite, injury, fatigue, bad weather or just plain bad luck. I knew how much planning, training, money and sacrifice it takes to even attempt Denali, so I really felt fortunate to make it on my first attempt.

My wife, Heidi, and our three children, Taryn, Timmy and Teddy, have been incredibly supportive as I spent long hours training and a lot of time away from home traveling.

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I recall taking long walks with the family; they were in shorts and tennis shoes, but I sported knee-high climbing boots and a backpack loaded with 60 pounds of rock salt. Heidi was embarrassed, and my kids loved to make fun of me! Denali behind me, I made a few quick trips to the East Coast with the family to knock off the missing highpoints. My 50th highpoint was Mount Frissell in Connecticut 2, feet with my family on Oct.

‘Walking over bodies’: mountaineers describe carnage on Everest

I had completed my goal of 50 by It was a perfect end to an incredible journey. I was the th person to have successfully climbed to all 50 highpoints, according to the Highpointers Club. Good question. Home All Sections Search.