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It holds ever before us the pure and holy character of God. It is a mirror, in which we may see ourselves as we are, with all our spots and blemishes. It holds forth ever before us, also, the pure and spotless image of Christ, into which we are to be fashioned.

It is fitted thus to be a means of sanctification.

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In the same way, all the ordinances are to be a means of sanctification. And yet they have no power of sanctification alone. A man may perform them all his life, may literally live in them — and become no whit better. It is only when the Spirit works in and through them — that they have sanctifying power. It is also taught that afflictions and trials tend to sanctification. One of God's best schools on earth, is the school of trial.

God employs no better teachers than the stern, severe, and seemingly harsh masters — disappointment, sorrow, loss, pain. We know that Christ's humanity grew up in this school. We know God has ordained that through much tribulation, we must enter the kingdom. We know that as fire purifies gold, so affliction refines and purifies God's dear golden ones. We know that as the photographer, when he would bring out the features of his picture, carries the plate into a dark room, where no ray of sunlight falls — so God often makes the room very dark around the souls of his children, that he may better develop his own image in them.

Many a Christian comes out of a sore sickness or a great sorrow, better than he entered. And because that God employs these trials and afflictions so much as his servants, and blesses them so often — many people have the impression that they possess some inherent power of sanctification — that they always make men better. But such is not the case.

The natural tendency of trial is to destroy. And there is many a bereavement or loss which falls upon the soul like a frost upon a garden, destroying its fairest flowers. It is generally supposed that even the ungodly are made better by sorrows; but, on the other hand, sorrow only hardens the heart of an ungodly man. The same sun nourishes the branch on the tree — and withers the severed branch.

In the same way, the same affliction blesses the man who is abiding in Christ — and destroys the man who has no vital relation to Christ. It is only the follower of Christ to whom afflictions become ministers of good — and to him only when the Spirit of God comes in them and blesses them to his heart.

God I have faith in you that you will get me on the right path for once and for all. I have sinned and I ask you God to come into my life and help me be a better person. God forgive me. I will forgive all who have wronged me and hurt me. I forgive the people and love them with all my heart. I ask that everyone will pray for me and my family.

My son, my daughter. I miss them and help us be that loving family again!!! Amen Thank you Father. Jehovah Rapha,thank you for life. Give us strength to endure and teach us to wait patiently on you and the plans that you have for us. Thanks in Jesus name Amen. I praise You dear Heavenly Father,each and every day in my daily life.

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I believe my God will help me to way out every situation in my life. I will follow Your Will what You want me to be.

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  • Thank you to give me strength to way out all my situation,and make me stronger. Thank you Lord,for all Your great plan for me. I know all things work together for my good. Thank you for this wonderful beautiful prayer.

    Be A Finisher

    In Jesus mighty name. I love him and want him to love me. I ask for God to grant me this gift. The loneliness is getting to me. God said that we should pray with faith that what ever he hears us say to his hearing, that we should be sure that he WILL do it. Just wait on him and believe me sky will be your limit when he arrives into your life.

    Stay blessed and positive.

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    Your email address will not be published. Skip to content J ehovah Rapha, I approach Your throne of grace and mercy, thanking You, the author and finisher of my faith, for all You have done. I will surely get there. The road may be rough and full of uncetainties but He who has begun a good work in me is faithful to complete it. Yes I am a finisher!!!! Thank you so very much Dotk.

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    Thank You, Jesus. I am a finisher. Thank you Jesus! Thank you for your word father keep me planted where you have put me help me to not fear those around me an to stay put an continue your will for my life and new found freedom.


    In my weakness His strength is made perfect. This year I am determined to fully embrace every opportunity given me to complete the work given depending on the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord for that word. Blessings to you all DOTK. A powerful message…one that I must embrace.

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    • In finishing the work set out for me, ii will bring me in close union with Him…with God. Is anyone else having trouble with loading new devotionals? I absolutely love this and I would hate to see it go away. May God continue bless as you are blessing so many others. Your email address will not be published.