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How we all can find a meaningful and rewarding life through compassion. Christ is risen and alive here and now, but you only know that when you live a compassionate life.


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Please feel free to use or share this image. Like this: Like Loading Along the way, students learn a variety of life lessons including managing money, navigating tours and hikes, thinking on their feet, following directions, handling cultural and language differences, solving problems, as well as how to push themselves further than they thought they ever could.

In June, OLMA students will participate in Mini-Mester courses involving the study of biodiversity in Cedar Key, FL, exploring the cultures of London and Dublin, the business of marketing professional sports, working with special needs children and adults, creating culinary delights, and more. OLMA empowers young women to lead a world of change.

OLMA provides challenging academics and diverse extracurricular programs in an environment that promotes faith, sisterhood, achievement, leadership, and service. Press enter to begin your search.

On the quest to cut open a pumpkin: phrases for self-compassion | Inspiring Connections

No Comments. In this follow-up to his much praised Finding Hope and Meaning in Suffering, Trystan Owain Hughes encourages us to develop an approach to life that looks beyond our own concerns.

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Using illustrations from poetry, literature and film, and drawing on contemporary scientific thought, the author makes plain that our natural state is an interconnected harmony with God, with each other and with the world around us. Gradually we come to realize that loving others and desiring the best for them is worthwhile, even when there seems to be little in it for us.

The Compassion Quest

Just as Christ chose to humble himself and become 'God with us', so we too will bring light to the lives of those around us by transcending our self-centredness and becoming fully present to those in need. And as we begin to attune ourselves to love's frequency, our inner being will instinctively embrace all creation as sacred and deserving of our care and attention.

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